Who is colwell?

Colwell is cousins Clayton Colwell and Jeb Colwell. Colwell. Not the banker. That's Coldwell. Nor the bustling Idaho metropolis. That's Caldwell (and an oxymoron). And not Cowell. Although that could open some doors in this business. All variations, however, can be traced back to the same Viking roots. Colwell attempts to stay true to these roots, honoring their spiritual father Leif Erikson (or at least Leif Garrett) in everything they do and meditating on the great words of their late second cousin Thor:

"This drink I like it! More!" 

Some would argue it was the Colwell cousins' biological dads who passed on a legacy of people-pleasing music and an unending fondness for the sweeter, "poppier" side: the senior Colwells are the co-founders and songwriters for the Pepsodent-fresh glee club, Up With People, who were performing at Super Bowl halftimes before Katy Perry dreamed of dancing sharks.  Jeb and Clayton fully embrace their family heritage of music for the masses.

And not unlike their Viking ancestors, Colwell is bravely conquering new worlds. Whether sailing the seas of comedy (Jeb producing Velvet Deer's "Last Christmas" homage to Wham!) or battering their ram at the castle gates (Clayton writing score for kids production of "The Emperor's New Clothes") there is no place the Colwell boys won't go. One of their latest adventures had them performing on a peace mission in Cuba with their fathers.  Now, with great patience and care, Colwell is rolling out new material for your ears only. Sign up on the mailing list for exclusive access to the work behind the scenes.